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Our Story

国产自拍网第1页 _导演梁修身嫁女儿!出题考验洋女婿


梁修身导演嫁女儿,33岁梁嘉媛6日和英文老师Jared Gamble在寒舍艾美举行婚宴,席开40桌。掌上明珠出嫁,他忙进忙出招呼宾客,哥哥梁赫群、梁正群也全员出动,他坦言一开始舍不得,但和洋女婿相处久,觉得他很善良、孝顺,因此很放心。



梁修身英文卡卡,洋女婿中文也不太会,两人基本上不能沟通,女婿很聪明,大概都知道他要讲什么。婚宴上,因为老外常常说「I LOVE YOU」,因此知道「我爱你」的中文,梁修身询问:「你会永远爱我女儿吗?你会一直爱我女儿吗?」女婿都答应点头,他再问:「你会打我女儿吗?」女婿傻傻点头,让全场大爆笑。


33岁梁嘉媛6日和英文老师Jared Gamble在寒舍艾美举行婚宴。(图/记者林奕如摄)

梁修身女儿在加拿大读书14年,是UBC音乐硕士,到上海康桥双语学校担任音乐、英文老师,因而认识同校任职的老师Jared Gamble,交往2年修成正果,去年底在男方家乡美国德州举行结婚仪式,6日在台北宴客,主要邀请女方亲朋好友,包括白冰冰、甄珍、胡锦、邓美芳、蒋黎丽等人都来喝喜酒,孙翠凤带女儿陈昭贤及张琼姿带女儿郭思瑜出席,2对漂亮母女也是亮点。

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Our History

Between 1971 and 1991, Dan Emmett and partners formed three real estate companies, which collaboratively engaged in the acquisition, development, redevelopment, operation and management of high-quality real estate assets within supply-constrained markets in Los Angeles County. While the early focus was on multifamily properties, the Company's investment focus evolved to include high-quality office properties and complementary retail space in California and Honolulu, Hawaii. Since 1993, Douglas Emmett has acquired a substantial majority of its portfolio through nine institutional funds.

Today, Douglas Emmett, through our interest in our Operating Partnership and its subsidiaries, consolidated JVs and unconsolidated Fundsowns and operates approximately 18.4million square feet of Class A office space and 4,043 luxury apartment units in nine highly desirable submarkets in Los Angeles County, six of which are located in Los Angeles' Westside - Brentwood, Century City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, the Olympic Corridor, and Westwood - and three submarkets in the San Fernando Valley - Sherman Oaks/Encino, Warner Center/Woodland Hills, and Burbank. The Company's Honolulu office portfolio is located in the downtown central business district with multifamily properties in nearby suburban communities.

The Company utilizes the same focused business strategy that was implemented by its founding principals - managing, developing, redeveloping and acquiring multifamily and commercial real estate in high barrier-to-entry submarkets that exhibit strong economic characteristics such as population and job growth, as well as inherent supply constraints, such as limited developable land due to natural and political barriers. The Company strives to capitalize on the experience of its seasoned management team to create continued value.

The Company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.